Insulation that is damaged is insulation that is not performing its job properly. Rodents that make their home in your attic have a tendency to destroy insulation fibers, and the droppings they leave behind cause contamination. Not only is efficiency reduced, but these contaminants and airborne particles will now be spread through air vents. Additionally, excess moisture in the environment can cause mold to grow, which creates significant health risks.

TAP® Pest Control insulation products improve building energy efficiency and reduce building energy consumption for the life of the structure. As a result, they help conserve nonrenewable energy sources, decrease dependence on foreign oil and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the recycled content of TAP® Pest Control insulation meets the EPA Material Guideline for Insulation products. Every structure needs insulation and with TAP® Pest Control Insulation, we provide you with a recognized insulation and pest management solution all wrapped into one.

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Why Is Home Insulation Important?

When hot temperatures hit and you want to enjoy the comfort of a cool home, most of the focus is on the A/C and fans, and how to keep you fresh while keeping the bills as low as possible. An A/C is a practical solution when your home is too hot, but if you don’t have home insulation, it won’t work properly and it will only be a waste of energy.

We tend to think we’re protected from the burning sun while in our house or any enclosed space, but this isn’t always true. Any construction, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the material, accumulates heat in its structure and generates

a thermal mass that affects its entire interior.

You have the A/C on or you take cold showers, but still can feel the heat invade your home?

This is the reason.

Benefits of Home Insulation

- Reduces energy use by up to 30%.

- Keeps the temperature cool inside the house

- Walls insulation reduces the transmission of sound areas of the home

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Beating the heat at home is not that complicated

It is calculated that a home with a good insulation system can save up to 30% in energy, which is both an energy and economic benefit since it will mean great savings at the end of the month.

Wall insulation is a very important issue that affects us all, whether it is for comfort, savings, health, or other reasons because you spend a large part of your life inside your home.

Alligator Insulation works with the best materials to offer adequate home insulation and then we go further, using eco-friendly materials and recycling all of them, to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also use modern technologies and equipment such as the Blower Door Test and thermal cameras to detect hot spots and poorly insulated areas.

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What is the Blower Door Test?

In buildings or homes, there is also ventilation, or rather, a lack of airtightness, which facilitates air leaks, from the outside to the inside, and vice versa, which is not controlled. Hot air enters through the enclosure, and cold air is lost to the outside, due to the poor permeability of the facades, roofs, carpentry, ducts, etc. ...

The immediate consequence is the low quality of interior comfort and unnecessary consumption of energy.

The Blower Door test measures these leaks.

The Blower Door test evaluates the level of permeability of buildings. For this, a fan placed on the main door of the home is necessary, which depressurizes (can also pressurize) the interior of it and analyzes its tightness. Usually, a single fan is used, however, depending on the size of the area, more than one may be needed to carry out the test.

It’s a test that doesn’t generate discomfort since it doesn’t need any extra work and it’s done in a short space of time.

Thermal Inspection

Using thermal cameras will help detect areas with a lack of insulation, measuring temperature from a distance.


It also allows locating other existing problems in your home, such as a difference in temperatures, air sealing, and window sealing leaks, dampness. This helps in preventing and correcting the energy losses and indicating the best insulation

solutions to correct them.

 Thermal inspection is non-invasive. Conclusive data can be obtained without the need to break down your home.

For this, it is essential to have a professional insulation contractor who knows how to use thermal cameras and interpret the results. Decisions made from erroneous or inaccurate data won’t bring you the expected isolation results.

Alligator Insulation offers a service you can fully trust.

You’ll know, without any doubt, if there are leaks in your doors and windows sealing.

What does Thermal Inspection Detect?

Lack of insulation

Excess moisture

Air leaks

Poor work executions

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Home Insulation Made Easy

1. Walk and Inspection

The lead technician will walk around and inspect the current conditions of your home to develop a plan of action.

2. Insulation Removal

If there is already insulation installed, it will be completely removed.

3. Sanitizing & Decontamination


Once the insulation has been removed, we will use a family-friendly sanitizer to decontaminate all surfaces, especially if there were traces of rats or rodents.

4. Site Cleanup

After home insulation has been completed, we will clean up all our work areas. You will forget we were ever there!

5. Post Job Walkthrough

After all materials and equipment have been loaded on to the trucks, the lead Alligator Insulation technician will walk with you around the house to make sure there has been no damage to your home, and everything was done properly.

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We provide the highest quality Insulation, and green rodent control services available, at the most affordable price possible. Our goal is to help you and your family enjoy a sanitary, rodent-free environment where you can feel safe, secure and healthy.

We will make it our priority to find out exactly what your concerns are, and to address the issue in the most practical way possible. We know your home is your castle, and we want you to feel safe and secure. We know that your family’s health and security is important, and this is why we strive to offer the best long-term rodent control solutions available. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our service, and this is why we offer a Guarantee on all rodent prevention service.